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Here Is How To Identify A Fake Pastor

African people are going after fake pastors because they want miracles. Mostly of African people they depend on miracles more than their ancestors. They rather take their money and give to pastors for miracles. What they do not know is that even their ancestors can perform those miracles. Fake Pastors are taking advantage of people because they saw how people are desperate. They want things to happen fast. They are not ready to wait for their ancestors to bless them. Mostly are brainwashed because they do not want them to see how powerful they are.

As a person you are powerful to change the situation around you. Mostly of pastors they use people who are spiritual gifted for their advantage. Never allow a pastor to block your gift you will die miserable. Mostly of those fake pastors they use certain things to heal people. How can you allow someone to use a doom on your face?. People should stop looking for miracles and trust their ancestors.

When people go back to their roots mostly of those fake pastors will not have powers. African people are being manipulated to believe in something beyond their powers. Everyone has the ability to make a change about their lives. Your ancestors are there to guide you and lead you into the right direction. You need to listen to them and allow them to show you a away.

You can spot a fake Pastors by the following things. They use things like doom , snakes and jik in the name of healing. Some they even went to the extend of sleeping with their church members in the name of healing them. Never bow down to a person for miracles , go to your ancestors for miracles and they will provide. Some they do not even know the word of God.Do not allow yourself to be used , you are powerful on your own.


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