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Opinion| we must tell God our problems and trust him, he will help us

We must gather as the whole country and pray for our world, we all see that our world has turned into something bad. We no longer enjoy this world because we have to watch our backs always.

We are living with fear and we don't know when will bad things happen to us, every day news is reported about new cases of people dying because of some diseases, others are sick while some get kidnapped. We all can see that we are now living in the ending, the world that God gave us is no longer the same, people do as they please without fear of God.

We forget that God is the only key to locked doors, God is the creature of the world and earth, the creator of everything. If we start seeking his name we shall be saved. We must admit that we thought we are clever enough to fight this alone, but now we see that is out of our jurisdiction.

We must leave our pride and seek God's help because we see that nothing gets better, everything is getting worse and worse. Is time we ask God for forgiveness and seek his name. He shall forgive us our sins and finish our problems, heal our country.

Happy Sunday to everyone and let's use this opportunity to ask for God's protection. May God protect us and heal our country, with the name of Jesus Amen.

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