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A Prophecy From Apostle Yamkela Warns Cyril Ramaphosa To Be Careful Of Foreigners In South Africa

It has been urged by the leader of Operation Dudula Nhlanhla Lux to be extremely wary of foreign nationals, particularly those who have entered the country illegally. Over the past few weeks, this message has been circulating. Nhlanhla Lux's and Operation Dudula's complaints have been taken into account following the Nigerian Apostle YamKela Mgcume's prophecy.

Predicted events have warned South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to be wary of foreign nationals, according to Yamkela Mgcume. People from other countries aren't interested in South Africa because they're on vacation here. In their minds, there is only one goal: wreaking havoc. President Jacob Zuma has given the green light for these people to use him to achieve their specific objectives.

Because Nhlanhla Lux has been warning all South Africans about the dangers of foreign nationals, Cyril Ramaphosa may now be able to hear what Lux has to say. When it comes to immigration policy, South Africa should be like any other nation that prioritizes the well-being of its own citizens over the well-being of those from other countries before welcoming visitors from those countries, like any other nation. A good example is Botswana, which upholds the rule of law and immigration policies without apologizing. However, given that the president comes from an organization that has no regard for the rule of law, it is hard to imagine how he could be strict on matters like this. Dudula will continue, and while South Africans listen to politicians spew bile at them, nationals of Zimbabwe and Lesotho will compete for jobs in the Western Cape.

He can be sure of this. And all this while the bile is being listened to by South Africans. Right now, I'm having some You have ignored previous warnings, Mr. President Cyril Ramaphosa, and this is the second prophecy warning you to be wary of people from other countries, so I am sorry. If the authorities had not set people on fire to kill them during that time, now is the time for you to stand up and fight for your country. That which you call "revenge" has become a way of life for you and your people, and it is barbaric. Bring Winnie Mandela back into the conversation by referencing the time period you are discussing. She was the evil one at the time who started the burning to death by necklacing and packing tires on the bodies of her victims.

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