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Holy Ash is made of human remains people react after traditional healer shared this post about it

Holy Ash, also known as Bhasma or Vibhuti is the sacred ash from the dhuni or fire where special wood, ghee, grains, and other auspicious and purifying items are offered for worship along with mantras. Culturally, some people attach a lot of importance to the holy ash on the forehead.

But some people have used holy ash for other things. People have been told and made to believe that when you use holy ash it chases away bad luck and it attracts positive energy, things like money, and a lot more. For instance, If you have bad luck when it comes to love, and money and if are you not liked by people, they say if you bathe with holy ash it will change all of that.

Though holy ash does all these amazing things, people were never told that there are consequences following the use of holy ash. There are some things that when you overuse them they end up turning from you, and, allegedly, holy ash is one of them.

A traditional healer by the name of Mom Elle shared something about holy ash that some people probably didn't know about. Mom Elle wrote: HOLY ASH

Is made from wood, husks, dry cow dung, scents, etc & blessed, and commonly added to iziwasho & baths. BE CAREFUL OF ITS CONSEQUENCES! When used for a long time it repels your guides & blocks your luck in the future since it exhausts your《SEED LUCK. She continues to say that, MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT HOLY ASH

Some think that holy ash comes in male and female forms due to packaging which is not true. The packaging features either the company founder K. Sivagnana Nadar or Lord Muruga who is not female, son of Shiva&Parvati, brother of Ganesha.

A lot of people have relayed on holy ash a lot, but after seeing this post people had a lot to say as they started commenting someone even mentioned that holy ash is also mixed with human remains which were cremated. I guess some people didn't know this as some of them continue to use it. And some people also drink it if they want to have a peaceful sleep.

Sometimes you can't blame people when they do such things, people are going through a lot and they will do everything and anything just to get help. And by the look of things holy ash does hell them. But some people prefer using the ash from the charcoal as they believe that holy ash is for Indians and they are black people. They say black and Indians have different beliefs so they prefer doing things their way which is black culture, not Indian culture.

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