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Limpopo:Here Is What A Man Found In Venda At The Forest And People's Names Were Written Inside See

We live in a dangerous world and it is very important that we must protect our self that there a lot of things that is beyond our power that is why it is very important and advisable that you must sometimes go to church to pray because it is no longer safe.

A man from Venda came across something which is not normal at the bush as you know that venda is still a village and many people still go to mountains to collect firewood because in many of our villages here at home in Venda does not have electricity.

And people use wood to cook with wood fire with them and it is not safe because even at the people can become victim of being attacked by criminals by dangerous creatures such as snakes and other things.

A man found a tree wrepped with a cloth with names inside and also an egg and to his understanding it was something related to witchcraft even though I didn't want her to say it but the way he was acting it you can tell that is associating it with witchcraft.


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