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Remedy that acts as protection for negative Remedy that acts as protection for negative Energies and evil work. Simple and effective.

If you want to be protected use below combo if you are struggling with spiritual husband, tokoloshi or if you are struggling with sleep paralysis .

Use below combo you will thank me, this is the only remedy that can prevent any witchcraft send to you.

Again this combo it self its back to the sender when you mix them together and apply on your body once you applied on your body nothing bad will happen to you,

You become a fire you become an angel no evil spirit will come to you , you will be protected 24/7 by lord Jesus Christ and your ancestors.

This remedy was found by Mokgalabe Engenas Lekganyane the founder of Z.C.C he was using it to protect his congregate from evil spirit succeeded by Joseph Lekganyane he was also using this powerful remedy to protect his congregate.

Now under Doctor Bishop Engenas Lekganyane Bishop of ST. Engenas Z.C.C they still use this remedy to protect their congregate against any witchcraft.

This remedy is very powerful and strong im advising you to use it you will see miracles but your enemies will hate you dont say i did not warn you during this festive, please before you travel anywhere apply it to yourself and your kids.

You will be protect make sure when your kids go to school they applied it you too.

When you go to work applied it you will be protected, again normalise to wipe your self with it before you touch something if doubt something your heart not feeling free take your vicks mixed with vaseline wipe your hands.

Then touch it again when you sleep wipe your face with it and wipe your both feet underneath then sleep you will be protect nothing will happen to you no evil spirit will prosper.

This remedy will protect you you will have peaceful night also when you go to interview use it, when you do wedding applied it when you go to meet people for business proposal use guys this mixture works wonders this mixture is powerful more than muthi.

Those who are always dreaming eating if you can use this remedy before you sleep you wont dream eating that will stop if you are experiencing pains in your body caused by witchcraft apply the combo the pain will stop immediately.


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Jesus Christ Mokgalabe Engenas Lekganyane


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