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Is There Famine In The Land? Here Are Some Sets Of Persons Who Should Not Complain But Be Hopeful

Elisha the prophet had just returned from a sojourn at the Shunammite woman's home to Gilgal's school of young prophets. In the land, there was a famine. He was equally concerned about the bodily requirements of the emerging prophets as he cared to their spiritual needs by teaching them God's precepts and ordinances. He told his servant to get some pottage ready for them. During the preparation of the dish, an anonymous herb gatherer shredded some toxic wild vine into the pottage. The eaters experienced immediate stomach discomfort as a result of this. They screamed out to the prophet, who eliminated the poison with a meal (flour) thrown into the death pot.

"And his servitor said, What, should I set this before an hundred men? He said again, Give the people, that they may eat: for thus saith the LORD, They shall eat, and shall leave thereof" (2 KINGS 4:43).

On another occasion, the prophet was visited by someone who brought him twenty loaves of barley and whole ears of corn. He said the twenty loaves should be given to the young prophets to eat, but the servant objected because it wasn't enough for a hundred people. According to the word of the Lord through the prophet, the people miraculously ate and had some leftovers.

We must trust that God cares for our total well-being and makes the appropriate provisions for us, even when things are unpleasant. However, we must be cautious in how we seek solutions to our pressing problems.

God's intervention via Elisha demonstrates that if we trust Him, He can convert our bad situations into good ones. He will send us the assistance we require at the appropriate moment. He is always on time. He'll provide plenty, and we'll have extra. But don't forget to think about things that aren't material. You will miss everything if all you desire is earthly advancement without the heavenly gifts of salvation and holiness. We need everything God has given us: spiritual, bodily, and eternal life with Christ.

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