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Prophet Ra Breaks The Internet By Saying "Jesus Did Not Walk On Water." - See Reactions Online.

Rhadebelihle has been researching the true Jesus Christ, as many of you are aware. He disclosed that Jesus Christ was black last week and that Jesus could not walk on water yesterday. He stated, "Jesus never walked on water." My original thought was taken and assimilated into religion. The sun walks on water every day.

That is correct, as he indicated. The myth of Jesus walking on water, according to Rhadebelihle, originated in white people's beliefs and is not accurate. He claims that many features of the Bible, such as white Jesus and white Samson, were made up by white people. They were all dressed in black, he claims.

Rhadebelihle appears to have a huge disagreement with what white Christians believe, since he recently accused white Christians of twisting the Bible and accusing them of being evil. This time, he's said something incredible about our own Jesus Christ.

Rhadebelihle is a skilled South African prophet and preacher. Rhadebelihle has dedicated his life to assisting those seeking spiritual direction. He is also dedicated to unlocking the Bible's hidden meanings.

"Jesus never walked on water," he said, according to the image above. Because the system, religion, and everyone else all lie, this is one of the things we must fix. The only thing that could walk on water was the sun. The sun walks on water every day. Go to the beach and watch the sunrise if you don't believe me. The sun, not Jesus, walks on water, as you will see; in fact, this hypothesis does not exist. The sun is the only thing that can walk on water, and it is doing so right now.

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