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Don't use this oil it will hurt you

He used oil on his hair, however it's burns his heard.

The man is burned with holy oil. Traditional churches found offering congregants certain oils. Normally the pastors have a believe it's annoiting oil.

It's highly impossible that it could work as he said. Mostly African people believe in positive things they have told and forget about the negative side. Hence the man is burned. This will literally course some infections.

His head became dry after applying the oil and his hair is gone. This affected the eyes as well. It could possibly happen he has allergies hence his eyes have bruises. People should stop using substances which have chemicals and they never heard about it.

Here is what was posted in Twitter. Kachikwulu says "Holy Moses 😭" Here is what was posted in Twitter.

The public is concerned why people uses things they not approved by Uniliver brand and other organizations which approves products. Here is comments.


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