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Prayer: Lord, Let The Gift Of Holy Spirit Begin To Operate In My Life To Overcome Demonic Intrigues

"He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. The Son of God was manifested for this purpose, so that he could destroy the devil's deeds ".. 1 John 3:8

Read: Deuteronomy 18:9-14 

Joy is defined as "extreme pleasure" or "extreme happiness." It is the polar opposite of sadness. To claim that everyone on the planet aspires to be happy is to state the obvious. Although it is God's design and desire for us to live in joy, there is an actor in this world who is striving tirelessly to prevent us from doing so. 

On the historical stage, there are two main characters. Jesus Christ and the devil are the two characters. From Genesis 3 until the other actor, Jesus Christ, came with the gospel to demolish his works, the devil began to play his part in human history.

Through compassion, love, and humility, Christ was able to defeat the demon. Jesus Christ's goals are to destroy the devil's works (1 John 3:8), to save everybody who believes in Him, and to portray God as all-in-all. To triumph as Christ did, you must be willing to recognize and demolish all of Satan's and his partners' works. To carry out his plans, Satan employs demons, human agents, natural forces, and even negligent believers. He attacks his victims' spirits, souls, and bodies, attempting to destroy them. Satan and his demons are hell-bent on hurting humanity, causing disasters, destroying lives, and finally forcing humankind to share in the eternal fire that he and his associates are destined for.

To kidnap people, the devil employs a variety of tactics. His victims are possessed, oppressed, and afflicted by him (Luke 22:3). He subdues his victims, preventing them from expressing faith in God. Satan obsesses by instilling fear and other things contradictory to God's message in the minds of his victims. Satan makes his captives sad and discouraged by depressing them. Sicknesses and afflictions are used by Satan. Many incurable diseases and ailments have demons at their root (Luke 13:11-13). Seduction, false ideologies, false religion, and occultism are all tools used by Satan.

To be a survivor, you must live a good life. It's important to note that demons have no influence over a God's kid who is living well. As a result, you should not allow Satan to enter your life. 

Reject any previous association with the devil. Satan is the mastermind behind magic, astrology, palmistry, Ouija boards, crystal ball gazing, hypnotism, mesmerism, sorcery, hallucinogenic substances, blood covenants, necromancy, body incisions, and demonic initiations, among other things. Satan and his demons always use their clever craftiness to initiate people into the demonic world.

People who read impure materials, watch diabolical films and incorrect television programming, and those who trust in what the stars predict are easily seized by devils. It is not necessary to be afraid of demons. Rather, they must be identified and dismissed as soon as possible.

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John Joy Son


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