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What Does True Prayer Do?

How to Delight Yourself in the Lord 

The original Hebrew meaning of the word delight is to be ‘soft and pliable’ in the hands of the LORD.

Psalm 37.4-5 ‘Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart.’

GOD does know all things. He knows our needs and our desires. But do we know His desires and His Plans. To put GOD first is the beginning of getting to know the very Heart of GOD. The desires that we now have are never has important as the Desires and Plans that GOD has. Prayer involves coming to GOD and surrendering our plans and our desires in exchange for His. 

Going to GOD has never been about the blessing of our own desires unless those desires have been put there by the LORD in the first place. The key is to receive from Him that which He so desires. Has this not so stalled the consistency of many a prayer life. The desire to please GOD comes from the in - working of the Holy Spirit. Our souls are often in opposition to the work of the Holy Spirit. 

The ‘desires of your heart’ in verse 4 of Psalm 37 has to do with us, the inner person - our inner thoughts and deepest feelings. It is also about our inner yearnings.

Prayer is responsible for causing this softness. Prayer is also responsible for the formation of this ‘pliability’ in Gods’ hands. When we go to GOD in prayer we allow for our hearts to become flexible as opposed to its present state of hardness and being rigid. Prayer allows for GOD to remove what we want and replace them with what He desires. To speak of this desire of GOD and to compare it to anything else is foolish, unless we have truly gone to GOD and experienced it for ourselves.

‘...And He will bring it to pass’ in verse 5 of Psalm 37 is the desires that GOD has now placed in our hearts that we then bring back to Him in prayer. 

It is important that we understand the importance of prayer and how God is able to change us through this Heavenly Design. Prayer is simply God's Design!

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