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PRAYER: Lord, Thank You For Loving Me And Making Me The Apple Of Your Eye

God cherishes and loves you so much right now. You are His most valued property; you are the apple of His eye. People are valued in this day and age for a wide variety of things, including their jobs, statuses, possessions, where they go, and the vehicles they drive. However, God's system of values is very dissimilar from those of the rest of the world. If you've ever believed that God has more important things on His plate than you and your life, you've got it backwards. Recognize this now. God's main deal is you. Furthermore, there is nothing you can do to increase or decrease your importance. You have eternal value in the eyes of God since He created you, and this value will never diminish.

You are important, and your life is important. God is concerned about what's on your mind. There is nothing too huge or too small for Him to pay attention to as He meticulously monitors every aspect of your existence. Asking for assistance in your daily life does not offend God. God desires to treat you well. He want to lavish you with His favor in novel ways. I dare you to ask, he is saying right now.

So go ahead and ask the cosmos something in His name. You'll be shocked by His reply.

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