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PRAYER: Lord, I Hand Over All My Sicknesses To You

Jesus treated the sick wherever He went. The word of these marvels spread widely among the nearby villages and cities. Jesus healed everyone who came to him, including the numerous people who were sick, blind, deaf, and handicapped.

Jesus frequently violated rules to heal the ill. Jesus once gave a lesson while it was the Sabbath. Jews observe the Sabbath as a day of rest. The woman depicted in this book was gravely ill. She was hunched over and unable to stand up properly for 18 years. She started to stand up as soon as Jesus placed His hands on her. She recovered! The religious authorities were furious. "There are six days in which we should labor," they said. "Not on the Sabbath, those are the days to come for healing!" Watch Jesus' reaction "evil men, you. On the Sabbath, any of you would untie your donkey and take it for a drink. This poor woman has been ill for 18 years; therefore, shouldn't she be healed on the Sabbath?"

There are many people in the world that suffer from various diseases. Sicknesses are killing even young toddlers. We need need divine intervention, and Jesus Christ's healing is that divine intervention.

Do you know why Jesus performs all of these beautiful healing miracles? It's because He cares about them. There won't be any more pains, illnesses, or issues when Jesus reigns as King in the Millennium, we can be certain of that.

What type of illness do you have inside of you? Trust in Jesus right now. He will undoubtedly heal you if you cry out to Him with all your heart. In the name of Jesus, be made whole. If you cry out to Him today, He will cure you just as He has others in the past.

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