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Use sea salt to cleanse yourself or to heal your body

if you feel like you are sick or sick you are still not healthy, you have tried to go to the doctors and even to the Sangoma but if you look you are still alive there is no difference always that illness arises.

Take sea salt and wash it for three days in a row starting at the head until it comes out of your feet, when you bathe and speak or pray it means that the disease will come out of your body and it will come out.

Before you take a bath Read 2 King 2: 19-22 read this word and pray afterwards and then go take a bath with sea salt You can see the difference after those days.

salt is a healing medicine because even if you have a bad smell like teeth or if the dirt comes out of the private parts if you are going to use salt you can still benefit

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King Sangoma


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