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Prophet came back with another sh0cking message to the Christians. See what he says


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There are lot if prophet around the world which prophecies things, some of them are true and some are not.

Radebhelihle is one of today's most famous prophet. He is the one who once revealed bad news to be happen about the late Shona Ferguson.

Today he posted something which shocked the Christians.

According to Ra,' Are you Christian? You know that the bible is against sex because they don't want you to activate your chakras. What sex does its deeper and powerful than prayer. I can access higher portals through sexual intimacy and everyone can do that too. The vagina is a portal itself.

You might choose mot to believe in him but a lot of his followers believes in him and he works for them.

"Bible is not against sex,let's not lie. Sex before marriage is a sin,and we are aware of that. Sleeping with different people opens a door for evil spirits,and diseases.

Its important to be loyal(both of you all). Bible against sex nini? Sex was created by God." says a twitter follower

According to the Bible," sex before marriage is a sin, and your statement is somehow contradictive. What do you call being loyal and sleeping with one partner"says Gwatane

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