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Dloz'lami| Thembi Revealed the truth on why people are being poor and always fighting in the family

Cindy has a dream in which her father asks for his shoes. She is curious about the meaning of her dream.

The fantasy Today I discovered that the majority of folks who are unable to find work have their homes under foreclosure. It's heartbreaking.

Is it conceivable? We learned a lot about the spirit world from this lady/show, stuff we didn't know before. Fortunately, the lights will be restored (load shedding) just in time for my favorite show. This woman is helping a lot of people.

People like aboThembi vanished from our civilization as a result of colonized countries portraying them as witches in public so that society would turn against them. The Christian religion has stolen so much from us that we will never be able to recover. When you refuse to acknowledge your ancestors, they will not fight spiritual fights for you that you are unable to fight physically. "Witches" will do whatever they want with you, and ansestors will simply watch you suffer until you acknowledge them." According to a Facebook follower


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Christian Cindy Dloz'lami| Thembi


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