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Stop Condemning Yourself; Learn What To Say When Someone Tries To Condemn You

"Who is he who convicts? It is Christ who died, yea, who is raised again, who is even at God's right hand, who makes intercession for us " Romans 8:34.

Stop being too hard on yourself because you're still having trouble in some areas. When it comes to a part of your life that has to be bettered, be worried but not obsessed. You'll be working on something all the time. So learn to distinguish between your 'who' and your 'do,' since who you are in Christ is a given.

You are always acceptable to God and have access to Him because God has chosen to view you in Christ (Rom. 8:1). Your 'who' is not determined by what you do. Your salvation is determined by your 'who,' and your future rewards in heaven are determined by your 'do.'

God is not the one who condemns you; you are the one who condemns yourself! God will convict you and cleanse you if you repent of your sins. He will never condemn you. Satan does it, and you do it to yourself as well, but God will never do it. "Who is this man who condemns?" as today's memory verse puts it.

When you fall short, your advocate, Christ, provides His atoning blood to cover your sin. God considers you "acceptable" as a result. As a result, avoid comparing yourself to others. You are who you are, and you will never be someone else. In Christ, we are all equal!

So, if someone condemns you, remember this scripture: "Who is he who will condemn me? Surely, the Lord God will assist me; who is he who will condemn me? They will all age like a garment, and the moth will devour them " (Isaiah 50:9).

Prayer: Almighty Father, may I never condemn myself or allow others to condemn my life.

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