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Astrology Divination


Your Strengths as per Zodiac Sign

Read what the stars have to suggest about what you are good at and how you do it. We are all gifted differently, skilled in diverse ways; your astrological position might be able to explain our strengths.


- You are ruled by Mars with it's 'true grit' mindset, the ability to hang in there, and they tough it out. Most importantly, they recover from setbacks. Aries refuse to adhere to traditional methods simply because that's the way it's always been done. The 'grit' to keep working strenuously toward challenges despite failure and adversities is an amazing trait that is deemed critical for success in life.


- Taurus, The bull, has great stamina and self-control. Taurus ability to recognise and regulate one's impulses and feelings and not be run by them is a trait that helps them be successful. Let's see this way that you can exhibit self-control for you can see the big picture, and realise that the current emotion, whether bad or good, is not in the best interest of you.


- Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, you have the ability to connect with everyone around you in meaningful ways. You know when to listen, when to respond, when to take a stand, all of these are a part of social intelligence. Many times in life, you will be presented with situations where you will have to use clear language to express your ideas.


- Ruled by Moon, which in astrology rules over mind and emotion. Observation is one of the most important traits, you acquire even a child. It is your ability to understand the world around you, which will eventually lead to insight and a deeper understanding of the world in the later years of your life.


- Leo, The Lion, is a very goal-oriented sign; you have that so-called 'fire in the belly', a desire to succeed in life that motivates you even in the face of adversity and potential failure along the way in your life. You are focused and can devote all of your efforts toward furthering your goals - could be anything, material or non-material.


- The sign ruled by Mercury. One of the most authentic and important traits you possess is a genuine desire and willingness to learn. You try to learn from everyone and every experience offers an opportunity for you to grow. You will admit when they do not know something and will not hide behind false ego but will be motivated to improve your knowledge to learn something new.


- You have an inherent critical trait of having compassion and empathy. In life, you have concern for others, your family and your loved ones. What is life for you without compassion; a cold, heartless scientific facts and data? You take into account the human element, not everything for you is about detached acquisition - it's also about people.


- Mars rule, Scorpio, has different energy from Arcas, although both signs are ruled by the same planets. One internalizes and the other externalizes the same energy. The intense Scorpio possesses admirable personal integrity. They will actually do what they say they will do, meaning their actions will match their words.


- The best analytical thinker of the zodiac lot. Your ability to analyse information is key when looking at almost anything in life, whether it is work ( could be a report, business model) or even a relationship. This allows you to find solutions to various problems and plan action to solve those difficulties.


- Ruled by planet Saturn, the planet that makes you aware of your thinking and/or put in another way of saying - introspection. In your every day life, sometimes we all get caught up in the outside world and how others see us, introspection is significant because it promotes ans sustains a positive direction for mental growth and development. It has generally been seen when Saturn becomes negative in life, it is the mental well-being - for instance depression - thar gets affected the most.


- As per Western astrology, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. You being inherently inquisitive and interested in the world and people around you, there is a curiosity, a core trait of your personality. Instead of taking everything at face value you are curious about wonder why something is the way it is and interestingly, as you get older, what may seem like childish curiosity to others, is a fundamental force that propels you to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of life.


- Ruled by Neptune. You use your knowledge and imagination to express new and innovative ideas. You may question the long-established business practices and refuse to adhere to old traditional methods simply because that is the way it is always been done. Sometimes, Neptune may cloud your logic and reasoning illusions and misconceptions.

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