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Tithe is the price you pay for not studying scriptures on your own: Opinion



"These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so"

(Acts 17:11).

The people in Thessalonica they will always read to verify the sermon or the preaching of the men of God through the scriptures. They would not just say, "yes Papa" on everything that the man of God would be saying. They will use the scriptures as a yardstick to see whether the man of God is teaching the truth or is teaching his own interest. They will check weather it is biblical.

It is biblically true that people should pay tithe, but it is not biblically true that people will be punished for not paying the tithes. I'm saying that people need to understand that, tithes is good for the house of God, Malachi 3:10, "bring tithes, so that they may be food in my house! So tithes, it is used to buy the necessities of the house of God, so there may be no hunger in the church, so that the things that are needed to make the church function can be in place, but not to say tithe is by force.

A person should be able to pay tithes out of the goodness of her or his heart, knowing very well, what the church will stand to accomplish when you give your tithe, and also as a way of obeying God. God is the one who demanded tithes from the scriptures. Tithes should never be manipulated in a way that pastors are doing it.

They say, "when you're not finding a job, start paying tithes, when you are not getting married, start playing tithes, when you are sick in your body, start paying tithes. When you need financial breakthrough, start paying tithes, when you want your family to be well, start paying tithe.

All those things that the man of God are saying could be a manipulation. A miracle takes the willingness of God to help His people. Not to portray God as somebody who does nothing unless you first do something for Him.

I believe that God does not require anybody to do something for him to move. God moves on behalf of a person because of His mercy, God helps people because of His grace, and we can look at the people that are well to do today, it has gotten nothing to do with their faithfulness.

It is not to say, it's not important to be faithful, it is important, but above all it is the grace of God that takes a final decision on a person. It is the grace of God that makes people prosperous and successful. If you rely on your efforts, you frustrate the grace. This is the reason why a lot of us are giving our tithe and a lot of offerings in churches, yet we are not blessed, yet we don't see things changing in our families.

The reason is, we are giving with a wrong intention or motives. We are giving with wrong mentality. We give always expecting something very soon. We give looking at how scattered our families are, thinking that tithes is going to be the answer. So you be now relying on your efforts, not on the grace of God. You are as good as telling God that because I've done this for you, therefore you need to fix this for me.

God is not an errand boy, and that makes God feel excluded because your efforts are now leading His Grace. The grace of God got to move because God is gracious on you, but they must never be God moving on your behalf because of something that you have done for Him. This is where we get it all wrong, we will just end up applying too much of our efforts than we should rely on the grace of God.

A lot of us have frustrated the grace of God, and lot of us have insulted God's ability to help his people by our deeds. We think that we have to buy God, and in the first place it is God that says ask and it shall be given. It is not Him asking you, but you asking God to give you.

If God has not blessed you with something to give, how can you have something to give? How does God demand something you don't have. It is in his promises that God should give you, then from there you go and thank God with what he has blessed you with. So if you still praying for God to bless you, and working hard for God to bless the work of your hands, then you pray, you work and you wait for God to multiply that which you have or that which you are doing, when a blessing comes, out of that blessing that's when we can go and say thank you God.

A lot of teaching has now have made it like, for God to give you, you must give Him first. Does that really makes sense? I think it's totally wrong, to tell the people that for them to be given by God, they must give Him first. God is our father, He is the one who has everything, which means when we should ask from Him, it means we don't have until God as our father gives us. May the lord help us that we can get this teaching right, that we may teach the true knowledge of the gospel of God without manipulating them, or make them lose their valuables using the scriptures.

Wait for God to do it for you. Wait for God to answer you first. Don't be misled by preachers who are using what Elijah did, when he asked for the only bread the widow had. When Elijah did that, to show that it was God's instruction, the blessing was instant. Now people give being manipulated, at the end they lose hoping for a blessing.

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