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Big News: December Prophesy Leaves Mzansi Speechless (photos)

Prophet Ra has been making a big deal of features ever since he revealed who he truly is to the world as he continued to share predictions which frightened many as his predictions have a posibility to work out as expected. 

He tweeted that , " December will turn enthusiastic for some families on the planet. Some will pass on , others your spirits will be detached and become barbaric 2022-2030 to forestall this is through reflection, raising your vibration, change of diet, sun looking, resounding with adoration and depleting out of the chip".

The people started reacting to his prescience. There has been a number of people who followed, claiming to have had visions or predictions, sharing what they have found in their fantasies or dreams. 

" This little kid is partaking in weed excessively and exploit individuals' dread", one remarked 

" I feel like in some cases you simply utilize otherworldly language, you don't actually comprehend deceiving masses, spreading being illuminated is realizing we are God's actual force lies in us. There's no good thing or terrible. The universe simply is", one more tolled in.

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