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Sangoma reveal why initiates end up hating on their Gobela after initiation


Being called to work with ancestors is thee hardest task, majority of people who are called end up not knowing what to expect from people they are shown in dreams. While on that topic a lady who is a sangoma shared that she has met a lot of initiates who want nothing to do with their Gobela after initiation. She revealed that people hate on them of the things they do that are secretive and how they delay someone's gift. People gathered to comment on her tweet revealing how normal it is to hate a Gobela. "I cannot stress this further I hate how Gobelas treat us" lady explained via comment section. They always want to be on top, they are capable of manipulating your powers in order to be of greater rank than you. Failing to abid by their rules they threaten you, lady explained. I know a lot of people who complain that they were used as housemaids by Gobelas after spending money they came out knowing nothing. Besides making eat and preparing breakfast for everyone in the house. Is this a good thing to mistreat other people in the name of you fear the kind of strength they have.

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