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Faithful Demons; Fearful Christians

Faithful demons; fearful Christians

'Fear is a tool the devil uses against us to make us miserable and destroy our lives', writes bestselling author and televangelist Joyce Meyer. We see the fight between faithful demons (fears and doubts) and fearful Christians played out in the story of Peter as he got drowned at sea in his attempt to imitate Jesus in Matthew 14:28-32.

The fact is there is a faith and fear factor behind every success and failure we have in life. Fear will try and stop you but if you do not give into it, faith will see you through to victory.

Why did Peter sink in the water and the lessons for us today?:The earth and elements react to our faith. They know when our faith is shaken and when it is firm.

Peter failed to scale up to greater heights of experiencing the supernatural with the Lord not because he was afraid but because he lost his faith in Jesus.

Faith is not absence of fear but a response to it. Everyday of life we are faced with the choice of decision and reaction to choose faith over fear or to allow overuse us.

Unfortunately, every time we give into fear, we give our power to that thing or person that we fear to overcome us and rule over us. This is what happened to Peter. The wind overcome him.

Faith does not remove the problem but gives strength to to go through the problem. Good thing though, the problem soon gives way in the face of unrelenting and abiding faith.

This is what Apostle John meant in his letter in 1 John 5:4;v for whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith."

Faith overcomes; we overcome by faith. This suggests that a battle or struggle has taken place; a fight of faith has taken place.

Faith is work as Apostle James instructed us in James 2. We work with faith. We work through faith. Hence, it is said the righteous shall live by faith. It is a constant weapon and tool for Christian living. We wield influence by faith.

The picture will not always be clear from beginning, we will not always see the big and full view of the road and journey atimes. This is where faith comes in knowing that we may not see the end of the staircase at the point of climbing but we are sure it leads somewhere.


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