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Path to finding God within my calling

The journey of my soul.. The path to finding God within.. My calling..

Has come to an end...

That journey of finding myself, of understanding my life has reached its destination..

As I welcome new destination, we are officially an institute where we teach people about way of life, through our different callings..

Let me be your spiritual friend and help you understand why you matter to your bloodline and why you had to live the life you had in order to understand your calling..

On the day of the event, I will be explaining 

What it is really a calling because lots of people are confused and because of their obsession with this, they end up going it the wrong way..

Your first move towards your calling its very crucial, some journeys takes long because of wrong choices..

We will also address the consequences of self diagnoses of ancestors. I will also touch ancestors healing and cleansing and also.

What it really means to be the chosen one. The responsibility that comes with it..

Know your spiritual gifts and master them.

It doesn't matter if you are gifted single gift, master it and use it to your best ability.

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