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Mzansi panicked after Popular Prophet Revealed What will happen to Black SA citizens Very Soon.


Being a Prophet or being recognized as one is a major deal because many people will believe you because you can see the future that ordinary people cannot. 

The term "prophet" might be controversial in today's culture. Many Christians who follow Pentecostal or charismatic doctrines believe that the gift of prophecy will remain, as mentioned in Ephesians 4. 

A well-known popular Prophet has once again spoken out in the media and on social media about what white people would do to black people in the near future. 

He expressed himself as follows: "Without being told, white people will happily bow down to MELANIN people. You'll find out soon enough. We made them in our own image, so they'll eventually acknowledge that we're their creators." 

Many people are still perplexed as to why he said it, but many others were relieved to hear it because white people colonized us and forced us to kneel to them and serve them as slaves back then. 

We have no idea when this prophesy will be fulfilled, so all we can do is wait and see what happens.

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