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Go Straight To The Point And Have Good Result

"What do you expect me to do to you? And he pleaded, "Lord, please restore my sight to me" Luke 18:41.

One thing we must rapidly understand about God as His children is the immense power, authority, and significance that His word carries.

God even emphasizes His word above His name, according to Psalm 138:2. When you consider that His Name is above all other names in heaven and on earth, and that every knee must bow at the mention of His Name, you may appreciate the gravity of this declaration (Philippians 2:9-11).

It's no surprise, then, that God only communicates when it's absolutely necessary, and that His words are usually brief and to-the-point. It is preferable to pay attentive attention to every minute detail of God's words when He speaks to you. God expects us to be like Him by getting right to the point whenever we have the opportunity to communicate with Him as partakers of His divine nature.

When Jesus was with us on earth, He demonstrated this desire in His interactions with people. When Jesus asked the paralyzed man, who had been suffering for 38 years, if he wanted to be healed, He expected a direct response, but instead received a rambling discourse. He was, however, graciously healed by Jesus.

Because of the multiplicity of words, our Lord Jesus Christ informs us in Matthew 6:7 that prayers are not always answered. God responds to prayers because He loves His children. He gives us things we don't deserve because of His grace, and He protects us from dangerous wants because of His kindness.

When David was confronted with one of his most trying situations at Ziklag, he went straight to the point in his petition to God in 1st Samuel 30:8, which says, "And David enquired at the LORD, saying, Shall I pursue after this troop?" Will I be able to pass them? And he replied, “Pursue; for thou shalt unmistakably overtake them, and unmistakably reclaim all.”

Following his discussion with God, David and his warriors set out to reclaim everything the enemy had taken from them. There was nothing that was misplaced. In Jesus' Name, I prophesy that before the end of this year, you will be restored to everything you have lost.

Is illness wreaking havoc on your health? Are you being bothered on all sides? Is your main source of income under such severe threat that you're having trouble making ends meet?

Is your marriage at risk of drowning in the sea of life? Are you finding it difficult to keep your relationship with God because of wicked expectations at work?

Are you bothered by apprehensions about the future? In Jesus' Name, I order the instant release of God's power to deal with all of your difficulties and to give you all-around peace.

Today, pray for an outpouring of God's Spirit and power on His Church that has never been seen before.

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