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Nimrod Nkosi Left Mzansi Impressed After He Exposes Deepest Secrets Of Famous Bishop In #Amabishop

After the most recent episode, viewers are still perplexed as to why Bishop Julius continues to appear on this show. This Pastor has his own set of controversies to deal with. The last time he came here, we were able to detect that he was concealing something. The way he was protecting dishonest pastors in that conversation. Bishop Julius never stops protecting clergy, claiming that they, too, are victims of abuse.

It is terrible that they have the incorrect guest speakers because the subject matter is one that is highly engaging. Bishop Julius is a thug in a rope, and the woman pastors are defending their reputations as lady pastors by protecting themselves indirectly from Bishop Julius. Julius is claiming that the church was the perpetrator of the abuse; thus, Palesa needs to return and release his papers.

The live exposé at #AmaBishop may be seen here. Palesa dished out the dirt in real time while the crowds watched. Palesa is planning to expose Bishop, therefore Bishop attempted to discredit Palesa before she does so, but his plan failed. The moment Julius addressed Palesa with condescending comments, he shot himself in the foot, and now he's starting to feel bad about it. You are able to recognize a falsehood when you hear it, #Amabishop #AmaBishop. The preacher, who was wearing a scarlet gown and strange jewelry. In her role as a pastor, I believe she should have shed more light on the spiritual aspects of what Palesa was discussing in #Amabishop rather than reducing it to a discussion of lifestyle choices. He ought to have given his opinion on the matter and given the impression that Palesa is after fame. Now black twitter is going to explore the situation till they discover all of the data!

Please, Bab' Nimrod, bring Palesa back to us; there is business that needs to be accomplished, and she can't just leave us hanging. People are curious about it. more information regarding Bishop Julius As a result of Nimrod's extreme partiality throughout this affair, it was abundantly evident that he did not believe the lady had been harmed, and he consequently took the side of his Bishop friend Julius.

There is usually an atmosphere of homophobia present whenever a group of Christians gets together to talk about homosexuality. The terrible part is that these folks have been misled and continue to defend those who commit evil. Kodwa lutho uncedo, the victims flee to seeking aid, obtain help, and continue to do so, and some of them even talk to the families and friends of the people who committed the crime. This is quite upsetting.

These religious organisations have consistently exploited their authority inappropriately throughout history. Whether it be the paedophilic priests of the Catholic Church or the charismatic pastoresses of charismatic churches. purely motivated by a desire for power and personal gain. Nothing at whatever to do with their assertion that they have direct access to God.

When you are open to broadening your spiritual and global perspectives, Amabishop may be a very useful resource for you. The earth is resonating at a higher frequency, which indicates that it is in the process of purifying itself. What a wonderful age to be living in, since we are currently in the information age. If you look for it, you will find it. In this particular group of churches, the initiation ceremony for the church cult appears to involve engaging in sexual acts.

She was the wife of a pastor, and some members of the congregation would force her to preach while she was unprepared in order to "prove" that she is in fact Mamfundisi. Would they act in the same manner toward a male individual who was married to a female pastor?


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