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GOD IS GOOD| Check out photos of 11 natural wonders you may have not come across

Nature keeps an eye on us in a certain way. It doesn't sound exactly like human voices or words, but she mostly talks to us with images and ideas that come from the human mind. It brings to our attention what we can figure out on our own. Just like the ten apparently handicapped men who were brought closer to show how an elephant looked. The most important person holding the tail said it looked a lot like a snake's, which he knew was the right thing to say about the elephant. As if his eyes didn't let him see.

The second person holding a piece of the stomach said it was a divider. The third person said it reminded them of a horn. When the fourth person reached the paw, they said it looked like a tree board, etc. Based on what he saw and what he thought, each of these men took care of the elephant's base. No one knows everything there is to know about God's personality, skills, and preferences. Anything he finds out about himself or shows us depends on you, and it won't be the same as what he finds out about other people.

With the point that no one can say they have a system that keeps all information about God from getting out. God is unique, but how important he is to you depends on what he does for you. Abraham thinks that God is a devoted God who will always keep his promises, even when all expectations are gone. David's strength comes from God, which helps him win fights against all of his enemies. In fact, he never loses a fight, which is a pretty amazing feat.

Solomon thinks that God keeps an eye on all of his thoughts that lead him to work on himself, and he was the worst king who ever lived. This is how God chooses to show himself to different people. Your idea and your comment are very much appreciated.

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