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After Sangoma Command Him To Do This In The Midnight Before Bed, See What Happened



Sangom or Inyan are shamans, healers, priests, and prophets who have been the backbone of the Bantu community for thousands of years, particularly in rural South Africa. But with the rapid decline and the increasing appeal of western education, the old ways are rapidly collapsing. Local knowledge has always been passed down orally and little has been written about the secret initiation tradition and their ways are fading away.


A young man openly recounts what happened after listening to a sangoma he met for counselling. The man explains that his life has never been the same since he lost his parents. Instead of looking for work, officials would pull him out for no apparent reason, he explained.

My life changed as if greatness was never near to my family. I tried as hard as I could, unfortunately everything fell apart. Before I met a stranger, all I could think about was giving up. Until the man faces appeal and doesn't see the dark clouds above me, he said.

Sangoma told me that my ancestors needed a drink to open up to me. He explained to me that before I slaughtered, they would never leave to hear my screams. One thing I didn't know was that all they valued was a small ceremony. What Sangoma explained to me, he told me, he told me to gather people at home. And buy tobacco and candles to pray. After doing what you're told, don't forget the alcohol and snoring.

My life changed drastically, I now see the light I've never seen before, he said. One thing is to pray to our ancestors, that is the key to greatness. Some people don't know why some families are successful in life. Because their ancestors are close to them, because they invited them to everything they did.

What are your thoughts concerning this issue? Do you believe in the powers of Sangoma or are you one of those who thinks Sangomas are evil and less to the one true God you believe in?

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