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Is the prophecy in the Book of Revelation being fulfilled by the drying up of the Euphrates River?

The bible's prophecy concerning the Euphrates River drying up before Jesus Christ's second coming and the end of the world may be accidentally being fulfilled in Turkey.

The Euphrates River is one of the world's longest and most significant rivers, having sustained Western Asia's cradle of civilization.

The river, which flows across Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, defines Mesopotamia, which meaning "country of rivers," together with the Tigris.

According to the book of Revelation, the mighty Euphrates River will actually dry up, allowing the kingdoms of the east to march their forces unhindered against Jerusalem in preparation for the final big battle against Jerusalem: Armageddon.

Professor Meyer who is a bible expert said: "The prophecy with which we are concerned relates to the sixth out of seven bowl judgments recorded in the book of Revelation and will occur shortly before the glorious Second Coming of Christ when he slays the Antichrist and establishes his literal 1,000-year reign in Jerusalem (Revelation 16:12)".

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