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A prophet reveals why women are killed, read here

Rha keeps revealing things that many can't see with the eye of the fresh, he's been taking on the twitter streets by sharing his knowledge on certain problems or issue's, however not many have been happy with him and many have been complaining about him not giving them answers about his prophecies.

Rha touched on gender based violence and revealed the reasons behind the frequent killings of women.

"What they don't want women to know the truth about themselves. Which is one of the reasons,they exclude her from spirituality and destroy her through religion because she is the source of all creations. Therefore the system hates women especially the natural one's", wrote Rha

" That is why we have gender based violence today in our hands, the system is trying by all means to destroy women through men because she is spirituality and the essence of duality that through her life is born again. This makes women to forget about their worth and act like men", he continued

While he may not be clear enough about what he's trying to say, many believes in his stories

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