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HOT: Asisispho Burwana Under Fire After Saying This On Twitter, See Why People Are Lambasting Him

In this life, our way of reasoning thinks even if we are created by one omnipotent God. It's too obvious that people's mentality are influenced by what they have been through. For instance, someone who come from poor background are mentally engaged to making money at all cost even at the expense of their lives because they have been through hell while growing up.

Few hours ago, Twitter South Africa have been hot over the tweet of a popular user, Asisispho Burwana. The 20 years old Poet tweeted, “Nothing makes me more happy than seeing someone experiencing a downfall I prayed for."

Immediately after the dropping the bombshell, Twitter violence was unleashed as netizens bashed him for the selfish prayer, while others backed him. Looking at the prayer, it could be seen as bitter or selfish prayer towards someone regardless of what they have done to you in the past. Others backed Asisispho for some reasons. They claimed that some people are too wicked and will go extra miles to hurt you, thereby leaving you with no choice than to pray for their downfall. Below are different opinions of netizens on the tweet (screenshots).

@Nampree, I don't understand why people are calling Asisipho a witch. Are we supposed to wish people who harm us well? Personally I will wish you all terrible luck and be happy to witness it.

@Tshepii, But shem I don't blame Asisipho for that tweet. People will do you dirty and then society expects you to smile and wave.

@Lupido, I think if your a good person than Asisipho’s tweet shouldn’t affect you that much but since life can life we are probably projecting that you could be the enemy.

@Tshepo, I mean God is reasonable and does the answering. If Asisipho’s prayer for someone’s downfall is unreasonable then God will leave it on unread right? Omnipresent he is, so he knows what really happened right?

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