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My cousin nearly sold me to the devil but God came to my rescue by doing this for me (OPINION)

Diabolism is a religion for other people, but an influx of people who are more westernised often do not believe it exists. Honestly speaking, there are a lot of things that occur spiritually that many people are not aware of, that only the spiritually gifted people are able to see. They see them either through visions, premonitions or dreams.

What I can say is that some of the people you are close to can turn their backs on you or even assassinate you in a blink of an eye. You trust them and you also share quite a lot with them, but many of them are not even trustworthy.

My cousin, the person I trusted with all my heart nearly turned me into a devil worshipper. There is this church she always wanted me to go to ever since 2019, but because I am not that person who likes to go to different churches I always made sure that I attend church services at Maranatha Covenant Family church.

I do not know what came over me, but I ended up going to her church the past Sunday. She was so over the moon and I did not even understand why. All I can say is that God never sleeps or forsakes his children.

The minute I went inside the church premises, my face started twitching and my whole body started shaking. I could feel that something was very off the minute I felt that way. See, it was not a church that I am used to where the congregation sing hymns or worship songs. All the people that were present there were wearing all black and the strangest thing I witnessed was that some were even covering their faces like they did not want to be seen. Heart palpitations developed and suddenly I heard a voice saying "run for your life".

I ran towards the church's exit door because I knew it was God's voice. Ever since that Sunday cousin has not even called or texted me. We used to talk everyday, but I realised she even blocked me on Whatsapp and Facebook.

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