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Strive to understand your journey

Strive to UNDERSTAND your journey! 

You can never go wrong when you understand your journey and you can't be misled when you fully understand your journey.

There is so much power in understanding your journey.

I managed to reach a lot of Spiritual levels without your spiritual teacher and it's all because of understanding that my journey was tailored for only me.

Therefore, I didn't feel the pressure of doing what everyone was doing and I was moved by doing only what my Ancestors wanted me to to and were agreeing with.

This helped me a lot and no one was able to mislead me because of this understanding. Understanding doesn't mean you know a lot about your journey and it all means you just understand what you need to do in order to reach where you are meant to reach.

It means you understand that you need to pay Attention to your Ancestors who gave you the calling and know everything about it.

You don't need to know everything about your calling to master it and you just need to stick with those who know everything about your calling..... YOUR ANCESTORS!

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