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Prayer: Father, I Command That Every Seed Of Barrenness In Me Withers Away

"He makes the barren woman a happy mother of children and a housewife. Praise the LORD, all of you." (Psalm 113:9)

Read: Exodus 23:24-26 

You are a creation of the Almighty God, despite what the world would have you believe. You were put on this planet to fulfill a divine purpose, and multiplication is one of those purposes. God gave you a mission when He created you, and He also gifted you with the ability to carry it out (Genesis 1:28). As a result, you must comprehend that no demon, power, principality, or even a medical practitioner can claim that the problems you are suffering have no cure. The Almighty God is the one one who has the final word in your condition, and this is what He says about you in Exodus 23:26:

"In thy land, nothing shall cast their young or be barren: the number of thy days I will fulfill."

Has the world labeled you as barren? I want to reassure you that your circumstances are not hopeless. In Jesus' Name, the same God who remembers Rachael will surely remember you and erase all reproaches from your life (Genesis 30:22). While Rachael trusted God for the fruit of her womb, the world scorned her, her sister ridiculed her, and her husband abandoned her; yet, by the time the Lord decided to reward her for the many years she had been mocked, her testimony had surpassed that of those who had dismissed her.

I feel sorry for individuals who seek the help of diviners in their search for children. "There must not be found among you any one who makes his son or daughter pass through the fire, or who uses divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer," God says. Deuteronomy 18:10-11

Every child you obtain with the aid of diviners will not bring you joy. Submit to what only God can provide. Do not try to outrun your shadow. Your melody will alter at God's designated time and season. You will be remembered in the same way as the Lord remembered Rachael. This month, in Jesus' Name, every reproach, grief, humiliation, and secret cry of yours will be put to an end.

All you have to do is adore the One who is capable of accomplishing what physicians claim is impossible. In Jesus' Name, every husband who has been secretly praying for his wife will enjoy this season. Every family should join hands in prayer to fight against the things that aren't part of God's plan for your future. Have you waited for so long that you've lost track of time? Recognize that there is a God of redemption, and that the years of your life that have passed you by can be redeemed. In Jesus' Name, the promises of God's restoration will be fulfilled in your life.

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