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RIP to Dr Marcus Lamb: the man of God who was a founder of Daystar tv departed to be with the Lord

For those of you who don't know this particular man of God, Dr Marcus Lamb, you can check your televisions on the DSTV channel Chanel 345, on the TV called to Daystar. He is a founder of that television network, I mean the Christian television network, Daystar. It has different pastors preaching there including famous ones like Bishop TD Jakes, Joseph Prince and Joel Osteen.

A lot of you that watch the Christian television network, you may be familiar with the men of God. The men of God was gifted in talking about faith and giving. Most of his preaching was evolving around how people can succeed in life, how people can maintain their faith. He was teaching people how to believe God for a miracle, he was mostly used by God in financial miracles. This is where he was excelling, talking about faith to faith and finances was his area of speciality, and the man of God was really blessed to explain the Bible.

He would make it simple to understand what the word of God says, on both personal finances, and the church finances. The body of Jesus Christ will never be the same, we will be forever missing him. He has left a gape that nobody can be able to fill. He was a very unique man of God, the men of God that has a way of interacting with the people or his audience. He was very successful too as you can see that they the Daystar, the Christian television network was his.

It is an old TV station, it was founded together with CTV, TBN which is now called Faith TV. So we just hope and pray that the Lord may have mercy on his soul, and that he may continue to comfort his family that is left behind. We only pray for strength also on his beautiful wife and children.

May his soul rest in peace.

I stayed glued on my phone on afternoon till I slept, as If I will get some piece of information that speaks differently, as I read every news announcing that 'Marcus Lamb: President and Founder of Daystar Television Network, departed to be with the Lord, on 30th November 2021 @ 4 a.m

I watched Joni and ALL their children, in strength yet in grieving, as they had to Announce themselves, and proceed with the ministry program swiftly, in honoring her husband, father and grandfather of their children. 

I saw systems in place, Grace and Mercy at work, as This family proceeded Graciously with their various tasks during the same day of his death, and appreciated the leadership of a father, and business capabilities in Brother Marcus Lamb, in that the family remained intact, though in pain, yet united. I saw strength imbued in them, in the midst of this terrible loss.

Brother Marcus Lamb was a remarkable Man of God, an Evangelist, a man of Faith, a pioneer and great General in his sphere. 

Oh He loved the Lord, would cry infront of cameras sometimes. That always touched my heart.  

He enriched and armed my Ministry greatly, specifically on End-time Prophetic Dispensation, the Love and role of Israel in our Christian faith as Gentiles, and the prophetic connection of old and new testament  and such display of endtime events, helping us to understand the time we live in. 

I had become a student of Daystar TV Network every Sunday, as I weekly take my pen and book, and learn God's Word, through Marcus Lamb's Vision, from the various programs, either recorded or live, usually after church, and Everyone' in the house knows when it's Mama's time channel 342.

We join multitudes in mourning, as we communicate with the Ministry. We are equally excited and congratulate Marcus Lamb, on his promotion and translation to Glory. We believe with Joni, that indeed there was a warm celebration as He was ushered to the bossom of His Lord, to rest from his great works.

More Grace and Comfort, greater Strength we speak and continue to pray for the family, and the Daystar TV Staff and Ministers. 

Thank you Brother Marcus, for your life. We will see you on that beautiful day, when we all meet.

Grace and Mercy to us all.

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