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Be Cognizant Of The People Who You Keep Around You

People are so funny sometimes, do you still remember when your car was in good conditions? You had so many friends, I mean your phone book was full with names and a minute will not pass without getting a phone call from one of your friends.

Today you no longer have a car and where are they? You tried to phone some, but they have been giving you excuse over excuse. Some they are brave enough to remind you of your mistakes like on Exodus 2: 14 (KJV) Moses approached his fellow’s Hebrew brothers fighting with each other and he tried to separate them, and the one who was at fault reminded Moses of the man he killed and hid in the ground.

Be careful and choose your friends wisely because some of these so called friends are just vampires who are after your success, and they are not interested in you. They don’t even care whether your kids are doing well or something relating to your family all they want is where you are going tonight.

Do not waste your time with such people and get rid of them as in yesterday, because as long you are dragging them along with you, believe me they will suck you dry. 2009 I experienced financial problems, and my car was repossessed the very same year, and for the past ten years I was travelling with a public transport, and there is nothing wrong with that, but what irritated me was the people I used to assist with money and transport they all deserted me.

I thank God for allowing me to go through those difficult times because they exposed those so called friends, and today I know how to deal with such people. People who surround me today are the ones who stood by me through thick and thin, and I am blessed to have such people in my life. I am writing to you to make you aware, that as soon as your doors of success opens up for you, be careful of such people.

Always keep the people who are still with you because they will never desert you when things are tough, and also don’t change from the person you are today no matter what.

I hope this article will open your eyes to see the people who are surrounding you. If whether they are true to you or they are pretenders who are after what you have.

What do you think about this article?

Does it bring light to your life?

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Lord Jesus Christ is God


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