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I wonder if you can allow me the opportunity to share with you what my Ancestors taught me today, It is about worry.

I see people posting about how hard this journey is. They complain, cry, and are even angry at their Ancestor for the mess their life has become. We worry about our sanity, our jobs and lack there off, our dying business, and how relationships don't last no matter how hard we try, we worry about our children, and about all the attacks we get from our enemies be them, friends or relatives.

But, what we do not know is the effects of worry on us as gifted people. Worry:

1. Blinds our 3rd eye

2. It poisons our dreams

3. It poisons our blessings

4. It distracts us from prayer

5. It muddies the clear waters of your spirit that are a connection between you and your ancestors and God

6. It weakens the spirit and you find yourself not praying or fasting as you should

But, remember you were chosen for a reason. You were chosen because:

1. You are strong enough

2. Your spirit is wise enough because it knows and understands the capabilities of your ancestors, God, and most importantly YOUR OWN CAPABILITIES

3. They are with you guiding u, protecting you, loving you, providing for you

4. You have already won all your battles, trust that the victory will manifest at the appointed time

Yes, worry blinds us to all of these, but you must remember spiritual children TRUST THE PROCESS, worry not... They are with you every step of the way.

My principal spirit says being spiritual children is like a life of a sheep, their guides are the shepherd. Yes, you will pass rocky terrain, thorny paths, u will be thirsty, u will be hungry, u will be tired to the point that u crawl, but you must remember the shepherd knows that eventually, you will reach the place of green pasture (Psalms 23:1). Trust the process, humble yourself, and let them continue to guide you as they have done in all your enlightened lifetimes.

photo credit: @sanelematsolo


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