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Luyanda Potwana Undergoes Another Initiation Ceremony, Here's Why

The new University of London Student Luyanda Potwana got to speak about his journey deep into his spirituality and why he had yet another ceremony. This is the second stage of becoming a traditional healer in Vu makufa means I am committing to die to self it means I am going to do the will of God and that of my ancestors as far as the ancestral calling, he said to Daily Sun.

In 2005, around the Easter Holidays - I took a very brave decision. I took a City to City bus and came to

Johannesburg. I had no money, no clear plan, and no plan B. I only had a dream - a dream of being on Television. And boy, what a rollercoaster of a journey it has been...

How do I say goodbye to a city that made me who I am today? A city that introduced me to your lounges every Tuesday at 6 pm. Kodwa ke - okungapheli kuyahlola. Nothing lasts forever.

This is to the 16 years of faith, disappointments. ups and downs, perseverance, dreams. achievements. fulfillments, history, blessings, grace & completion.

I close the Johannesburg chapter a proud man — having fulfilled my dreams. My head is held high. My kids will know that - daddy dreamt, daddy believed daddy acted daddy soldiered-on and daddy achieved!

What a journey. What a chapter. What an era. Time may pass - but the MEMORIES will remain forever. And that's how we end it. This is the END!

Thank you, Johannesburg! Thank you, he said

Not only is he a psychologist in the making in the University of London at his old age, but he is also a man who dreamt who lived who planned who failed, lend achieved and made it.

Wishing him all the best going forward.

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