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Check Out The Magical Powers Of Morning Urine You Need To Know.


Bringing the topic of urine in magical uses is something that everyone find it awful. Urine has been used by many tribes around the world, you just don't see it because is something kept secretively when practicing it. There are many ways to use the morning urine, some used it to chase away witches or to get rid of their curses they placed at night at your home or business. Here you will know the uses of morning urine even till date.

Have you ever heard of a tale that when you see money on the street you have to pee on it before picking it up? Some witches used to place money on someone else's path so that when they pick it up and take it home it will destroy their prosperity. This is a reason why in old days people used to pee on money they found on the street before picking it up.

There are people who are behind you, if you know then you are aware. If you don't know then you should be alert and be careful of everything, this doesn't say you should not trust everyone but at least be cautious. This is mentioned because people who are against you will feed you in your sleep. If you have dreamed of eating in your sleep, know that it is spiritual attack. It doesn't matter if you cooked the food yourself or by someone, it's spiritual attack sent to destroy you. What you need to do to reverse the curse is to wake up in the morning, do not speak to anyone, pee on something and drink three sips of it. You do not have to drink the whole cup. Whatever sent to kill or destroy you will not have an effect on you.

Some of other love portions have urine content in it, this is effective but remember binding someone in love magically it is never good. Using urine to make people love you will end in tears, sometimes other people end up dead or end up hating you for no reason. They will want nothing to do with you, they are disgusted of you. At that time they do not know what you did to them with urine, is just a reaction with their spirit.

If you believe that there is a planted evil tree in your home, sprinkle the yard with morning urine and it will fade. Some people will borrow money from you but they will curse it then return the very same money after days as if they have used that one for personal things. If you think it's a bad money, sprinkle it with urine and whatever in it will fade away. Some do this to bring down your shark loan or other business.

The other uses of morning urine is to cure earache, just pour few drops of urine in the paining ear at night and feel the results. Make sure you use the morning urine and warm it a little at night when you are going to use it on your ear or of someone.

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