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Here you are as an African in the bible!!

Adam the first human to be created on earth, also meaning his name, [ the man created from soil], now tell me of all different color skins on earth which one seems more common?. We are here today from the loins of Noah because after the flood his descendants replenished the earth.

Noah had three sons Shem, Ham and Japheth out of Ham is where most blacks come from. Cush the first born known as Ethiopia and Mizraim known as Egypt, Put known as eastern Africa and southern Africa and Canaan known as northern Africa and also middle east. Shem is where Hebrews come from also black. Around the world people think that Africans are cursed when the only person that was cursed for seeing Noah naked is Canaan.

Throughout history Africans are the founders of civilization and the greatest civilization that there ever was, hence in order for Babylon to be a world power they had to go through Egypt because it was the greatest civilization on earth thereafter could Babylon be recognized as a world power. Africa was the richest continent and might probably be, mathematics, literacy, writing, architecture, reading, engineering and many others were initiated in Africa, also putting in mind the natural resources and vegetation it has. I honestly do not understand how we go to sleep hungry with the vast land we have.

Africa is way beyond beauty, it also has a hand in the salvation of man. when Christ was going to be crucified, he was helped by a black man called Simon from Ethiopia. If you are not proud of being African i do not know what will make you cause you are very special, billions of people read about your ancestors in the bible. In Africa my beginning in Africa my end.

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