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Is It Biblical For You To Seek Miracle Money As A Christian? Here's What You Should Know

Miracle money is not news in this part of the world we live in today (Africa). Personally I have heard many stories about the act of causing money to appear in the wallet or bank accounts of some worshipers in a miraculous way, and without a practical transaction.

 Some Christians find happiness, and they believe in the work of the miracle of money. Because of this, it’s something to be desired, cause people are looking for it in every way. If you are someone who is hesitant to make money miracle, this article can help you make the right decision.

 Does the Bible Say Anything About Miracle Money?

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 The word ‘Miracle money’ is never mentioned throughout the scriptures. However, the work of the miracle money has always confused the biblical story of Jesus Christ and one of his closest disciples Peter.

 In the book of Matthew 17:27, an event similar to the money miracle took place. Jesus Christ and Peter came to Capernaum, and asked them to pay their taxes. As a result, Jesus commanded Peter to go to the sea, drop a hook, and take the first fish that appeared.

 • Peter collects the coin

 After Jesus ’instruction, Peter took a piece of coin from the mouth of the fish he had caught. You can tell; Oo !! this is a typical example of miracle money !! There are a few questions I would like to ask about the story that should change your mind:

 • Why didn't Jesus show the money in Peter's hand or purse? Why did Peter have to work to get the piece of coin??

 Is Miracle Money Biblical?

 No, it’s not biblical. The reasons why miracle money can be considered counterfeit are due to the following reasons:

 1. The money was not for Jesus Christ or Peter, it was meant to be paid as a tax to the authorities.

 2. Peter worked for the piece of coin by fishing from the sea.

 From the analysis above, you can now see that the money miracle is different from the Bible story I shared earlier.

 Should I Make Miracle Money as a Christian?

 As a Christian, you have to run away from miracle money because it is not supported by the scriptures.

 There is no reason why the kingdom of God is worthless, including wealth and riches. Until you do your part by following every commandment in the scriptures, God may not answer your needs.

 If you want financial prosperity, then you need to fulfill the requirement to get your desired result. It is better to follow than to sacrifice your life in the name of miracle money.

 Do you believe the money miracle is real? Have you experienced one before?

 Please share your thoughts and contributions as I am happy to hear from you.

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