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Cyril Ramaphosa Attends Mass Funeral Of 21 Children Who Died Mysteriously

What happened here is a very tragic incident and it is so heartbreaking to the women and the men who have to bury their children, who also do not know who should be held accountable for this. Because it is believed that the children might have died from the fumes from the generator, so despite all of that we really cannot understand or make this matter make sense.

Some of the coffins carrying the corpses of some of the 21 eNyobeni Tavern victims were lined up at Scenery Park Sports Field in East London in the Eastern Cape. Just watching those young children be in a situation where they are being carried out in coffins is seriously heartbreaking, even the women couldn't help themselves but to shed tears as their loved ones are being buried.

You can understand how heartbreaking it is for your loved one to go out to have some only to not return back home because of an incident that no one could have foreseen, whereby you can only blame god or say that it is his will that the children have died

Mourners, including President Cyril Ramaphosa, gathered in Scenery Park, what happened in the tavern is seriously devastating and heartbreaking to a lot of people and that is why they are in such a situation.

It is very sad that these parents have to bury their loved ones who thought that they would be the ones burying them, they were matriculating learners who had Bright Futures ahead of them.

They were simply celebrating a nice occasion but unfortunately no one saw that the fumes from the generator would be poisonous to them, and they would end up dying that night

The official program of the EnyobeniTavern victims is underway with two already been buried, two to be buried later today after the mass funeral services and 17 others will be buried between Friday and Sunday.

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