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Famous Sangoma Gogo Skhotheni Is In War With One Of Her Former Spiritual Child

Gogo Skhotheni is one of the most Sangoma who is a public figure and people love her so much. She has lot of followers and they love how she treat her Spiritual children. The past few days there was a young who were bullied because she is Spiritually gifted. She ended up killing herself because she could not continue and she was tired of the way people are treating her. Gogo Skhotheni posted on her timeline that she have to go to Bisho with her Spiritual children. After she posted that one of her former Spiritual Child posted that she was abusing her during her initiation school. She said that she never liked her and she was always shouting at her telling her all those sort hurtful words.

People were shocked because they thought that she is treating her children very well unlike other Sangomas. The other lady also came forward and say that Gogo Skhotheni is not who people think she is. She is a public figure but they do not know the things that she is doing behind close doors. The other one came forward and her cousin is at Gogo Skhotheni and she told him that sometimes they go to bed with hunger. After all the allegations against her she came forward and write an apology though it was not enough for her Children to stop posting. A lot of things came out even the personal things regarding her marriage.

They kept on posting and she could not even reply some of those messages. Some of her children she trusted so much , she shared secrets with them. They went on a shared them with other people and they are using it against her. She is a human and she can do mistakes and she has to learn from them.



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