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Sign Language of the Spirit in Human Destiny

Sign Language of the Spirit in Human Destiny

One of the reasons why people expeirence delay in life is because they missed the signs that precedes their manifestations. This is the crux of Sunday message preached by Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse of the Freedom for All Nations.

Signs are spiritual language. For every manifestation or rising, there is a sign that precedes it. Similarly, for every challenge you are currently experiencing there is sign that is revealed before it started.

Why are signs important? They come with instructions on what to do. They serve as guide that the season or time is here or near. During the birth of Jesus, there was visible star announcing his arrival, but many missed it except for the wise men from the East.

There are things knowledge will do that prayer and anointing cannot do. You only need to understand the sign which are like signals to know what to do and how to do.

You are in the level you are because you missed the first sign. Therefore, ask God to repeat the sign so that you can manifest

Every prophecy needs a sign to manifest and be fulfilled. There is always a sign in every situation. Look out for the sign. Some signs are for manifestation.

There are troubles in your life but they are not just any trouble. They are the signals of the great destiny you carry. Such destiny only manifests after you have gone through the trouble. This is the story of Joseph being sold to slave in Egypt.

Don't be in hurry to pray off the problems. Every trouble attached to your manifestation has an expiry date.

Read the signs and by sensitive to them and also follow them. Elijah manifestation stopped because he did not read the signs God showed him.

When God shows a sign m.he wants to sign decision and commitment. When you see a sign action is needed. Fast and pray from the sign you are or give. Don't ignore the signs. Don't follow a man without a sign.

Some battles don't need prayer or anointing but sign and wisdom. If you fast and prayer and situation doesn't change, check the sign in it.

Ask God to repeat the sign the second time to overcome delay and activate your manifestation. It is ignorance that causes delay.

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