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Bushiri is Back again, look what Mzansi noticed behind today picture


Today was an incredible day in history here in Malawi as thousands made an appearance to our Annual Salvation Festival in Salima. I lectured about salvation and the significance of our salvation. It was an enthusiastic second to consider thousands to be Jesus Christ as their Lord and individual Savior. We absolved so many and celebrated with them in the Lord. 

We likewise had more than 1000 social occasions all throughout the planet, celebrating in large numbers of our congregation branches. 

In case you are perusing this post, I wish you a HAPPY SALVATION DAY! 

"Glad Salvation Day to you as well, my Prophet, and the whole ECG family! I'm so glad to be important for it and I'm extremely appreciative to my LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST for my salvation! GOD BE BLESSED!Thank you.My Prophet, I love you.Shalom. Glad Salvation Week! Many thanks, our Prophet. We wine numerous spirits in view of this day. Glad Happy Birthday Salvation Day! The celebration was extremely incredible wherever at ECG Branches. 

I got it and we express gratefulness to our strong God for what he has done on this day of salvation. We show respect for you, our flawless guardians. May God give me more long stretches of life to lecture the country. Much thanks to you, prophet; we are saved by beauty; may the Lord keep on gift you. Long experience the Prophet; see the work you have done in bringing spirits to Jesus Christ.Thank God you acknowledged your calling. You love God more than yourself, and he cherishes you in Jesus name. I say thanks to God for your life, daddy. May God favor my prophet.Thank you, father, for noting the call of God. Millions know God and dread God as a result of you, my father. "I love you so much, father. " A Facebook devotee said 


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