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Opinion| The Following Dreams Indicates God Is Directly Talking To You

We frequently have dreams while sleeping. Some dreams can be remembered, while others are completely forgotten. God usually sends men dreams as one of the ways He communicates with them. According to Job 33:14-15, God generally communicates with men through dreams while they sleep. In this way, God is able to communicate critical information that a person might not have received while awake. As a result, dreams are important and should not be ignored.

1. Clearly written instructions

The dreams that God sends us are crystal clear. This is done to avoid ambiguity and to ensure that you act on the dream according to specific instructions.

What other indicators can we look for to see if God is communicating with us through our dreams?.

2. You sense a spiritual awakening on the horizon.

As a result of a dream contact with God, you will experience a spiritual awakening. You will notice a shift and awakening in your spiritual life. In Genesis 28:10-22, Jacob was sleeping when he noticed a stairway laying on the ground with its too stretching to heaven, on which God's angels were ascending and descending. This incredible dream changed Jacob's life forever.

3. It provides guidance.

If your dream directs you in the right direction, it is from God. When God reveals something to us through dreams, we have the ability to act on it, avoiding danger and making mistakes. When God Herod attempted to assassinate Jesus, Joseph was among those who received visions. God's Angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and advised him to flee to Egypt until the proper time came (Matthew 2:13-23).

4. The dream has not emotionally drained you.

Some nightmares make you feel uneasy because they cause anxiety and perplexity. A God-given dream, on the other hand, does not drain you emotionally. Rather, it uplifts you and leaves you with emotional stability.

5. The dream contains an important warning.

We may not notice when God is warning us about something when we are awake. As a result, the best time for God to send us a warning is while we are sleeping. We are expected to heed the warning in order to avoid suffering as a result of disobeying God's promptings.

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