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Avoid Being Contaminated, See The Reason Why Biblical Miriam Was Contaminated

Read: Numbers 12:1-10 

God cares more about how you finish the race than how you started it. In the beginning, many started well; in fact, most believers started out on a high note. However, as the battle wears on them, many begin to allow what they had previously disallowed, and they will finish the race in shame if they continue in this manner.

Throughout your entire life, the Lord has your back. On the path to the celestial city, you will not be a casualty of any wars.

Take Miriam, for example. She got off to a good start at a young age. She was a vessel fit for the majesty of God's service. During Moses' time in the basket, as described in Exodus 2:1-9, she kept an eye on him.

When she met Pharaoh's daughter, the agreement to bring in a Hebrew nurse—her mother—to take care of Moses was struck, and she was the one to secure it. We learn about her as a prophetess in Exodus 15:20-21, as she leads the women of Israel in a mass choir in celebration of their triumph over the Egyptians. This same Miriam, however, had become leprous because she envied and talked ill of her brother Moses in Numbers 12:1–10. 

In Proverbs 14:30, Solomon writes: "A healthy heart brings life to the flesh, but a decaying bone is a source of jealousy."

A dirty anointing could be the result of envy. Even though he is a younger preacher, do you have resentment toward the fellow God elevated above you? Nothing comes to him unless it's a gift from above. It's safe to say that the All-Knowing God has a plan for your life. If you devote your life to serving Him, He will reward you richly. More anointed than the General Overseer's special assistant, a brother can serve as a deacon.

Anointing from God cannot be manipulated by men in positions of power. If you're a victim of church politics, don't worry about it. Instead, focus on serving God with all your heart. Request His power, and it will be yours. No one can take away your office or position, but no one can take away the authority that God has granted you. Stay chaste!

The importance of a person's relationship with God cannot be overstated.

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