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Start Praying Against Premature Death If You Notice Any Of These 3 Signs

Death is unavoidable, but even so, one must have a fulfilling life, that is, a long and happy life before passing away.

Nonetheless, if everyone is asked, no one wants to die when they are young. However, there are scenarios that occur that cause people's lives to be cut short. Meanwhile, before something happens to cut our lives short, there are some ways God communicates with us via nature so that we might be attentive and pray for God's intervention.

As a result, if you observe any of these three indicators, begin praying against premature death.

1. Begin praying against premature death if you realize you've suddenly started having horrible dreams about death.

To be honest, dreams are a one-of-a-kind way for God to reveal himself to us. Without a doubt, we dream every day or frequently; yet, dreams about death only occur once in a while and are usually unexpected. So, if you're having dreams about death, it's a good idea to start praying to avoid dying too soon. Death-related dreams can include seeing a coffin, individuals you know who have died, or even other forms.

2. Begin praying against premature death if you find that you are regularly sick with odd illnesses.

If you realize that you are getting sick more frequently than usual, begin praying against premature death. Sickness is a common occurrence, but when it appears to be occurring on a regular basis, it is a signal that you should begin praying against premature death right away. This is because the more you get sick and recover, the more your body system degrades, potentially putting your life in jeopardy.

3. Start praying against premature death if you find you are always immersed in thought.

Start praying against premature death if you find you are always immersed in thought. This is because it could be a way for nature to tell you that you need to start praying to avoid dying prematurely.


Oh lord, the God of abundant mercy, I am not worthy of a single life, whether it be through hard work, holiness, or righteousness, but you have kept me under your shadow until today, never allowing death to have its way in my life, and today, lord, I return all glory and honor to your name in Jesus name.

Any dark power that is speaking against my life, as you have kept me till this day, oh Lord. Today, I fight battle with such powers with the help of an army of angels, and I nullify their authority in Jesus' name.

My enemies will seek my life in a variety of ways, but in the end, it will be their downfall in Jesus' name.

I was born to live, and I will continue to do so in Jesus' name.


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