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Spiritually gifted woman explains why ancestors need their people to buy these blankets


When it comes to African spiritually it is so important to understand that ancestors can talk through dreams and physical signs. They have their unique way of giving guidance to their children making it easy on them to understand the message. A spiritually gifted woman shared an insight on social media, she stated that there is a way to protect yourself without using any Muthi. Woman went deeper and revealed that buying blankets which have animal prints on them, could be a great move in your life especially if you are a person who is dealing with ancestral gift. All you have to do is buy this blankets and dedicate them to your ancestors, through Phahla. Remember they are a substitute of real skin animals since such skins are rare to find.

Our culture is so broad that many of us end up without a proper knowledge when our parents pass. The knowledge they carry go in vein due to young people running away from the truth. Until time comes when they have to knee down to their ancestors and do the work.

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