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The Reasons Why You Should Stand Before The Lord's Counsel

"For who has stood in the Lord's counsel, perceiving and hearing His words?" Who has listened to and marked His words? Jeremiah 23:18 

When individuals who are intended to be God's mouthpieces fail to stand in the counsel of the Lord, the Lord's message will be infrequent, and revelation will be absent. To see and hear God's Word is to stand in the Lord's counsel. It's also listening to His voice and paying heed to His Word. It all comes down to keeping a daily appointment with God through personal Bible reading and prayer. Quiet Time is what it's called. When a minister of God stands in the Lord's counsel, he has a face-to-face meeting with Him in the throne room (Psalm 82:1).

Furthermore, no Christian minister has the authority to counsel others if he is unwilling to listen to and accept the Lord's advice (Jer. 23:22). When ministers of God fail to stand in the counsel of the Lord, they fall prey to the temptation of presenting their own words as God's Word or snatching others' words and presenting them as divine revelations (Jeremiah 23:28-32). What you don't have can't be given.

You can't communicate the thinking of a God with whom you haven't established a relationship. If God's people listen to and follow leaders who haven't listened to God first, they will be misled. If we can follow the guideline of only listening to people who have first listened to God, we will be protected from numerous traps (Jeremiah. 14:14; 23:21; 27:15).

God-given or man-made messages from the so-called mouthpieces of God are possible. We must not take any message at face value. Examine the spirits that are responsible for it (1 Jn. 4:1-3). Is the message, first and foremost, in line with God's Word and ways? Second, does it further the kingdom of God? Is it, finally, durable? The bottom line is that every Christian must develop the ability to hear directly from God by scheduling daily Bible study and prayer time with Him. 

Prayers point:

1. Father, draw me closer to You than I've ever been before.

2. Father, through the reading of the Bible and prayer, please help me to maintain my daily relationship with You.

3. Father, remove all obstacles in the way of all Your servants so that they can spend enough time each day seeking Your face.

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